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Weave Room Cleaning Crane

     Combining advanced vacuum and blower technology with Royce Crane Co.'s rugged crane makes for a clean weave room.  Automatically dispatched, the cleaning crane sees almost continuous duty.


     The cleaning crane's only break is at the cleanout station where collected debris is dumped into the plant's vacuum recovery system.

     Since the same runway system is usually shared with a material handling crane, provision is made for automatic reversal when the cranes are in proximity with each other.

Textile Cleaning Crane at Automatic Dump Cleanout Station


    Textile cleaners can also be transported over a closed-loop monorail system as shown here being towed by a Royce Crane Co. tractor in a Textile Mill spinning room.


     The cleaner machine is a close fit over the spinning frames for the most efficient cleaning.  The Royce Crane Co. tractor is built to run in continuous duty around the monorail loop, pausing only for cleanout.


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