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Three Single Leg Gantry Cranes Over Steel Burning Table

     The steel burning table is serviced by three Royce Crane Co. single leg gantry cranes with a hydraulically operated telescoping mast.  The mast connects to a magnet for removing cut out parts from the table and stacking in the lay-down area.  A high capacity overhead bridge crane (not visible in these pictures) is used for laying out the full sheets and removing skeletons after cut out.


     Here, an operator is removing cut out parts from the table with the magnet attached to the telescoping mast.  Also note the gantry bridge single box girder using torsion box design for the motorized trolley to traverse the full width of the cutting table.

Using the Magnetic Lifter on the Steel Table


Single Leg Gantry Cranes

     The single leg gantry design gives complete coverage of the desired area without reducing floor space by using a track embedded at floor level.


     The twin hook 15 Ton crane that services the steel burning table uses this telescoping load bar by Royce Crane Co. to magnetically lift sheet steel onto the table.

Telescoping Load Beam with Multiple Magnets

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