Stainless Steel In Cranes and Monorails

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     The building requiring Bridge Crane coverage is exposed to a highly corrosive environment that precludes the use of regular materials in the construction of the runway and bridge.  Notice the use of laminated wood in the construction of the building.

     The life expectancy of materials normally used for Bridge Crane construction would be very short-lived in this situation.  Stainless steel materials were used almost exclusively to ensure their long life.

     Stainless steel fasteners were used throughout, as well as specially constructed suspension components.

     The runway beams are composite construction, fabricated in our shop from 316L Stainless steel.  This is an extra low carbon variation of T-316 to avoid carbide precipitation due to welding.

     Stainless steel is often used in food product applications like these monorail beams, used with hoists designed especially for food service applications.  Royce Crane Company has the expertise and experience to build and install material handling equipment to meet the needs of practically all situations.


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