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Royce Crane Co. Monorail Tractor with Hoist

     This line drawing of Royce Crane Co.'s monorail tractor shows its simplicity of design but is inadequate to display the versatility and durability built into that design.


   Using off-the-shelf hardware as much as possible without compromising durability or flexibility of use has given us good results for several years.  Adaptable to 3-1/4" or 2" patented track as well as I-beam rail, the Royce Crane Co. tractor is almost universally applicable for monorail use. 

     The "poly" drive tire provides traction for loads of two tons or more and guarantees long service life.

     The gear reducer accepts any "C" face motor to ensure versatility.

Monorail Tractor


Monorail Tractor Towing Two Hoists

     The tractor shown here transports two hoists from its center position and includes the electrical controls for joint or separate control of the hoists.  The Royce Crane Co. tractor is able to travel around short radius curves as well as to traverse monorail switches.  


     This closed loop monorail system uses seven tractors as transport devices for production service equipment in a refrigeration industry.  They include all of the electronics necessary to match production speed on the conveyor assembly line and are automatically dispatched.

Automated Tractors Carrying Refrigeration Service Equipment


    Many track switches and curves in the monorail system make conventional electrification impractical.    This requires a special tractor; one that is powered by a fork-lift battery, towed or pushed  while the payload is connected at the other end of the tractor.  The drive controls for this tractor were designed using modern Electric Vehicle technology.   


    This tractor is negotiating a close radius curve in a textile spinning room.  Operating at a near 100% duty cycle, the Royce Crane Co. tractor is built for durability, as well as versatility.


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