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Monorail System with Multiple Hoists

     Royce Crane Co. can provide monorail systems ranging in complexity from a single straight rail to the most elaborate with switches, scale sections, curves and spur lines. 


     This is an air actuated rotary switch; one of several in this system used to transport aircraft parts through a series of inspection stations.

Air Actuated Switch for Monorail System


Automated Monorail Hoist and Tractor

     Radio control and automatic dispatch are features of this monorail hoist used for transporting machinery parts through a shot-blasting chamber.


     Two hoists on a trial run are approaching the clear area above the shot-blasting chamber.

Hoists Approaching Shot Blasting Chamber


    Royce Crane Co. designed and installed the monorail system in this Textile Plant spinning room to provide complete cleaning coverage by the tractor-towed cleaner.  The monorail system is a closed loop consisting of several U-shaped loops over the spinning machines.  The tractor reverses direction only when obstructed by a worker or other object in its path.


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