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Air Operated Balancing Manipulator

     A suspension model manipulator of the double link arm style suspended from a Royce Crane Co. under running crane makes material handling a safe and almost effortless task.  The simple air controls make the load weightless, transport of the load is at the operator's fingertips on the bridge and trolley controls, and spotting of the load requires minimum push/pull effort to accomplish.

      This special design manipulator provides electrically powered motion in all directions with input from the operator through a pair of joy sticks.  High capacity and speed of operation make production tasks easy.  It incorporates Variable Frequency Drives for ultra-smooth acceleration and deceleration, a digital encoder to track the rotation of the telescoping mast, and a Programmable Logic Controller to translate input into the correct output for a smooth and positive response. 

Electrically Powered Roll Manipulator

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