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Free Standing Jib Crane

360 Rotation 

Free Standing

Jib Cranes


The most versatile type jib crane, very useful underneath traveling cranes, in open areas where it can serve several work stations, in outdoor applications such as loading docks, or in machining and assembly operations where it can be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged operation.

The Freestanding Jib Crane also has versatility in installation.  These three types of mounting can be used, depending on individual needs.


Jib Cranes

Available as:

Free Standing, Wall Cantilever, Wall Bracket,  and Mast Type Series.

Retrofit Traction Drive Kit that will fit any manufacturer's free standing jibs with box style head assembly.  This is used to upgrade an existing free-standing jib crane with motorized power; a great, cost-effective way to solve workers' compensation or safety problems.

Royce Crane Co. sells, installs, and services all types of Jib Cranes.

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