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Chemical Dipping Hoist/Carrier at Tank One

     With its load of castings immersed in the first tank of an eleven stage coating and conversion process, the chemical dipping carrier has begun its 700 foot journey around the closed loop monorail system.  Designed, fabricated, and installed by Royce Crane Co., the monorail is equipped with ten Electro Lift twin hook hoists.

     Each carrier uses a Programmable Logic Controller for location and dwell time in each tank.


     The monorail system is completely freestanding and the return loop passes over a walkway requiring the safety frame seen beneath the returning carrier.

     Feed-behind messaging provides relay logic control for anti-collision between carriers, allowing them to make an orderly transition through the system.

Chemical Dipping Hoist/Carrier over Safety Frame


Hoist/Carrier with Radio Remote Control

     Adding radio control to each of the ten carriers alleviated problems with retracting pendant controls.  A Royce Crane Co. tractor tows each carrier.


     The finished parts are ready for unloading and the carrier starts its journey all over again.

Hoist/Carrier with Finished Parts


Dual Hoist Carrier for Acid Dipping

     The chemical dipping carrier shown here with dual hoists endures a more hostile environment over acid pickling tanks for steel wire.


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