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     The problem was to design a platform for painting an airplane, one that could access the entire aircraft without a lot of scaffolding set-up time.   Our engineers came up with a design that put the painter anywhere he needed to be, safely, and with built in protection for the aircraft.


Aircraft Work Platform


Aircraft WorkPlatforms

      To increase efficiency in aircraft painting, add a platform and paint both sides at once.



     A manipulator for handling rolls that operates vertically and horizontally seems simple enough, until you add joystick controls that rotate with the material handling probe and the required input changes with each motion of the machine.  Add a programmable controller and a digital encoder that adjusts joystick input to match actual machine direction and it drives like a sports car.

Roll Manipulator


Hoist with Tractor

      One of ten hoists with our tractor unit being prepared for installation on a closed loop monorail system.  Fully automatic, they travel through a series of chemical dipping tanks, an 11 stage conversion and coating process for cast aluminum.  All the hoist/tractor units are PLC controlled for in-tank dwell times as well as for travel over the tanks and at the load and unload stations.

     The ten hoists are selectively controlled by a transmitter for unloading, reloading and dispatch.


     This tractor, designed and built by Royce Crane Co., uses the latest D.C. Electric Vehicle technology to avoid problems with conventional A.C. electrification.  The Plant's monorail system includes dozens of rail switches that could cause serious maintenance problems for current collector shoes that would be required to make so many transitions.    


     The tractor tows a 36V battery for a power source and connects to a trolley carrying the payload.  Drive power is furnished by a 4-1/2 hp motor and travels at 130 fpm in high speed and at 50 fpm in low speed.  Control is by means of a pushbutton pendant.


     At Royce Crane Co., we frequently design and build unusual material handling equipment for all types of industry.

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