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Talmadge Memorial Bridge over the Savannah River

     The Talmadge Memorial Bridge

   Spanning the Savannah River at Savannah, Ga., it is an awe inspiring example of a strut suspension bridge.  Connecting Georgia and South Carolina, the three suspended sections span over 2000 feet.  Each span has a Royce Crane Co. mobile inspection platform. 


     The north tower seen here has two Royce Crane Co. inspection platforms parked adjacent to the tower.  For reference, the side of the tower is 20 feet.  The roadway of the bridge reaches a maximum elevation of approximately 200 feet, providing ample clearance for ocean-going vessels to pass underneath unimpeded.  The new bridge replaced an antiquated draw bridge that created traffic problems on the highway as well as on the river.

Center Span Tower on North Side of River
Raising an Inspection Platform

     The Royce Crane Co. traveling platform is used for inspecting the bridge structure and to service the display and navigation lights mounted underneath the roadway.

     The unit seen here is being prepared for raising to road level (at low tide).



     A closer view of the two carriers near the tower show the supporting end trucks that run on tracks near the edges of the bridge surface.  A high degree of precision was maintained in the alignment and leveling of the tracks.  Power for each carrier is supplied by an on-board generator and a Variable Frequency Drive delivers power to the tractor drive units.  Dynamic and friction braking are backed up by a rail clamp brake for safety.

Two Inspection Platforms near Tower


Illumination Lights


Navigation Light

    These photographs show the under-bridge lighting, both illumination and navigation.  The tractor drive gearmotor can also be seen pressing against the under-surface of the bridge.

     Royce Crane Co. takes great pride in having supplied equipment necessary for the maintenance of The Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

     Engineering, design, fabrication and installation of unusual equipment is our most rewarding endeavor.

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