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Engine Carrier at Assembly Line Work Station

     This auto manufacturing plant had excellent tooling for engine assembly, that is, until a design change that could not be adapted to the existing assembly line.  Our engineers designed a hybrid system of a closed loop conveyor interfaced with a closed loop monorail system onto which the engines could be diverted for finish assembly and reinserted into the normal output of the line.

     Once the partially assembled engine is diverted onto the conveyor system, it is dispatched automatically to the monorail load station where an operator couples it to one of the ten monorail carriers (as seen here).  The carriers are propelled by a Royce Crane Co. monorail tractor.


Automated Engine Carrier     The lower section of the telescoping mast incorporates a 360 rotation drive for inverting the engine and the telescoping mast raises and lowers by means of a traveling nut ball-screw drive unit.

     Operator controls are duplicated on the leading and trailing sides of the mast.  Automatic dispatch is available only on the trailing side for safety purposes.

     A system of photocells and targets furnish input to the onboard PLC for location and function at the several work stations around the monorail loop.  Photocells also serve as anti-collision control input for the ten units.  


Automated Carrier for Refrigeration Service Equipment

     Here is another monorail loop interfaced with a conveyor assembly process.  The Royce Crane Co. tractors serve as carriers for refrigeration servicing equipment and utilize variable frequency drives to match conveyor speed.  The carriers' speed is controlled from a panel at floor level.  The units are automatically dispatched and require a minimum of attention from production personnel.


     Through the use of leading edge technology, applied to well designed and engineered material handling equipment we at Royce Crane Co. are able to meet the challenge of supplying manufacturers' needs that in turn enables them to increase productivity, improve safety, and to better compete in today's market.

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